A Ring for My Husband

May 26th, 2014

Welcome to the Biker Jewelry and Rock'n'Roll Jewelry Blog, the first ...When my husband first decided to get a motorcycle, I wasn’t entirely sure of what he was thinking. We were both in our 40s, and I thought that our carefree days were behind us. That was a few years ago, and now we both have bikes. There is a certain freedom in riding, and we have met some really great friends this way too. I have also gotten a new and really nice wardrobe from it too! After we started riding together, I went online and looked for a biker ring shop after seeing some of our friends wearing some really unique jewelry.

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Best Way to Cure Night Glare

February 9th, 2014

Night View NV GlassesI am going to to have to do something different than what I have been in the past, because my night vision has been getting worse and worse as I have gotten older and I have almost gotten to where I am unwilling to go out to drive any place after it gets dark at night. The glare from other cars’ headlights and such is the really big problem for me, although I think I might have found a rather simple solution to the worst of it. I bought a pair of night view nv glasses and they seem to work rather well when it comes to helping out with the night driving a bit.

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Discovering the Meaning of Gems After a Show

January 11th, 2014

Currency Conversion in Analysis Services Multidimensional | Christian ...There was this really great gem show at the convention center last week. I went with my business partner in search of pieces that we could choose for our fashion line. We design high-end clothes, and commonly use things like gems and rare stones to accent our work. I was really impressed the selection we found there. I felt like we were there all day. Not only did we come home with some great products, I came home with a lot of questions about gemstone meanings. For years I’ve been buying the stones without really thinking about it, for some reason this trip was different. I saw a really amazing blue stone that was on display by itself. It wasn’t too large, there wasn’t anything particularly special about it, but it really got me thinking about what the meaning behind the stone was. I wanted to learn more about the topic so I went online in search of answers.

It turns out that there are answers to my questions out there. I was able to search for the gemstone I had an interest in and learn all about it. I learned about history, origin, and meaning. I learned more than I ever thought I what about the stones. I got really excited and called my partner up immediately to share what I have learned.

I like knowing where things come from because it makes me feel more connected to them. The same goes for understanding the meaning of an item. If I understand more about what it means, I’m likely to have more of an attachment to it. Knowing which gems represent strength and which gems represent love is also important for designers know. When I’m designing clothing and trying to match it to a gemstone, I’m going to keep these things in mind before finalizing my design.

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Thinking About Doing a Bit of Ecommerce

November 25th, 2013

I am thinking about doing a little bit of web based business. I got the idea when I was over in Italy a couple of months ago and I happened to meet up with a guy who does some wholesale work, he did not speak perfect English but I obviously understood what he meant by perfumes femininos. Obviously that meant perfume for women. He was trying to convince me that I was good at selling that sort of thing, but it was just not a thing that I was very much interested in doing. I just would not have the least idea of what I was trying to do or whether or not I was buying something that would be easy to sell or not. It is of course very easy to do something that you understand perfectly well and it is very difficult to do stuff that you do have a good grasp upon. That should be obvious.

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Night View Glasses for Driving at Night

November 10th, 2013

I have always struggled to see when I am driving at night, but I think that things have gotten a bit worse recently, as my vision starts to decline a little bit with age. I am still at a point where I can drive without any sort of need for assistance in the form of prescription glasses. However, it would be nice to get something to help me to see better at night, so that I feel safer about driving when it is dark out. I want to learn about night view nv glasses to see if they might be the right product to solve my problems.

I guess one of the biggest problems with driving at night, is simply the glare that is produced by the headlights of other cars, in addition to street lights, and other things like that. Recently, it has become daylight savings time where I live, and it now getting dark an hour earlier than previous. That means, I have to drive home from work when it is dark out on a daily basis.

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What is the Best Stone?

November 10th, 2013

Carat Diamond Engagement RingsMy brother was getting ready to ask his girl friend to marry him and he wanted to know what the newest and best stone was at jewellers in dublin. I did not know what was going on with the different types of stones, so I decided that it would be best if there was a person that was going to be able to help me with the different types of stones. I called and asked the jeweler if we could meet up, with my brother to see if we could actually get a meeting for him to tell us about all of the stones and what the different ratings mean. There are a lot of things to look at when you are buying a diamond.

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Great Prices on Online Jewelry

November 6th, 2013

I am going to try to find a nice present to buy for my wife, because her birthday is coming up soon, and I want to be able to do something nice for her. I am not really sure what to get her, because she has discerning tastes, and I am not very good at picking out presents in general. However, I am going to do my best on this matter, and try to find something that will really be special. As such, I am looking into edblad jewellery right now, because I think jewelry would be a good idea for a present in this situation.

She is turning 30, which is a pretty special birthday, but I do not think that she is particularly happy about being 30 years old.

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Just Getting Started on My Christmas Shopping

November 4th, 2013

I am already started on my Christmas shopping and in fact my girls have already started to drop some hints. I found something bookmarked on my computer today and it turns out to be a hollywood nails review. Of course I knew Sandra had done it and I asked her if I really needed to have a review on this thing, which led to my learning all about how you print different patterns on fingernails. I had pretty much no interest in the topic, but I suppose that my opinion was less important than my purchasing power. Of course she suggested that I should get her a credit card of her own.

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Getting Ready for My Cruise to Bermuda

September 18th, 2013

I decided that I needed some stuff before I go on my cruise next month. I went through my closet and my dresser looking to see what I had and then I made a list. I decided that the big thing was a pair of deck shoes and I knew that I had seen a toms promo code somewhere on the net. It took me forever to figure out where it was though. I spent a long time searching through the history on my internet browsers and eventually I realized that I must have been using Safari at the time. I do not use it very often, but it is a good browser and I have the habit of trying to see which one I am liking the best at a particular time.

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Starting Planning for the Halloween Party

August 29th, 2013

I do not know why, but Halloween is a huge deal for the lady who owns the club that I work at. In truth she seems to treat this place as a hobby. Her family has been rich for generations, but she is not really snooty like you would expect. Her mother was a dancer and she used to model. I have seen pictures of her when she was younger and she was a real knockout back then. Now she is 45 and I would not turn her down if she offered. Of course, I am her errand boy. costumes are the big thing on the agenda right now. She has decided that everyone who works at the club needs their own costumes. Of course there is no way that we can make a profit, but that might be the idea. I have overheard her accountant complain that I was doing too good of a job of promoting the club.

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Just Got Some Really Strange Socks for a Present

August 23rd, 2013

I have a golfing buddy and we have thing going where we give one another weird gifts for our birthday. He might have me beat for a good while though, because he got me a pair of really nice socks with some really outrageous custom prints on them. They look exactly like one of those shirts you used to wear to get the girls to look at you. It is not like an Hawaiian shirt, but it is close and looks like it would glow under a black light. He got it from custom elite socks and they have dozens of designs.

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What to Look for in a Hoodie Site

May 6th, 2013

When shopping for hoodies online you will come across what will seem like a million hoodie site s. How can you know what sites offer quality products and which ones offer inferior products or are downright scams? As with any online shopping site the same basic rules apply when shopping on hoodie sites. Let us go over a few basic online shopping safety rules to follow.

1. Do they only take paypal as payment? This should be a red flag if the site only allows payment from one source such as this. It offers way to many ways to scam you the buyer out of your hard earned money.

2. Does the site look like actual effort went into it? If the site looks like it was sloppily put together this can be a sign that it was hastily put together by scammers attempting to steal your money or even you credit/debit card information.

3. Can you find customer reviews of the store wile searching online? Any business should have reviews online if they have been around a while. The downside is people rarely write a review when they are happy.

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Doing Your Part to Support the Bride

November 19th, 2012

So, your best friend is getting married and she has asked you to be her maid of honor. Without a doubt you’re happy and excited, because you know that this is a surefire sign of the strength of your friendship. At the same time you understand that more is entailed in being a bridesmaid than just walking down the aisle in the beautiful dress you purchase from a bridesire bridal store. You have responsibilities to the bride.

One of the main responsibilities that a maid of honor has is to be the emotional support and the shoulder to cry on for the bride. The days and weeks leading up to the wedding can be extremely hectic.

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Looking for a Specific Type of Model

November 13th, 2012

I am willing to admit that I am not an expert in casting for photo shoots, but right now I have been searching for a couple of weeks without finding precisely what I want. So now I am about to send out an email to all of the modeling agencies in Chicago in the hopes of finding someone to be our internet spokes model. Of course it would be easy to find just any girl with a great face and body to read the teleprompter, but that is not what I am looking for. I want to find a very attractive girl with a certain attitude and a real knowledge of car parts. Really I mean performance car parts. We are opening a pretty big blog and my boss came up with this idea.

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Finding the Perfect Prom Dresses for 2013

November 2nd, 2012

Looking for the perfect prom dresses for 2013 for the girls in my organization has been so much fun. We have hooked the computer up to the big screen TV in the entertainment room and have been browsing through a long list of sites for the perfect dress for each one of the girls. We have held several fund raisers throughout the year to be sure that we would have enough money put away to use for these wonderful girls to get the dresses that they want to wear to what will be the only prom that they get to go to in their lives.

There are so many different styles and brands of prom dresses that we have looked at. Some of the girls want the short and showy dresses, while the others want the long and elegant dresses that make them feel like princesses.

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